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Real-Time Operations Centers (RTOCs) enable full service remote steering, well planning, optimization engineering and real-time monitoring from a centralized in-house location. At Remote Operation Professionals, we setup, staff and operate RTOCs at the location of your choosing.


ROP offers customizable solutions and works with your key drilling personnel to determine the best fit-for-purpose solution to achieve your goals at a minimum cost. The setup of a Real-Time Operations Center will include ROP’s highly experienced directional drillers and geologists, and may also include expert engineers, MWDs and well planners depending on your company’s requirements.


RTOCs provide real-time monitoring of rig site activities 24/7 on multiple wells simultaneously, allowing you to act proactively in response to any operational situation. Having a single, centralized team fosters communication and efficient collaboration among personnel. This allows for the seamless transfer of knowledge and information that can provide your company with lessons learned, improved KPIs, best practices and analysis of historical trends. The collaborative RTOC environment is also ideal for training and mentoring new or existing personnel—a crucial component in the oil and gas industry.


ROP can transition your operations from the traditional directional drilling model (2 DDs & 2 MWDs per rig), to a remote steering model that requires just one on-site DD per rig. Reducing the number of on-site personnel significantly cuts operator costs and minimizes safety risks with less travel between locations.

With the RTOC model you benefit from immediate optimization and long-term performance improvements through real-time measurement and analysis while reducing costs, improving safety and facilitating collaboration—ultimately, enabling you to make better decisions.

  • Real-time 24/7 monitoring, support and optimization of drilling operations regardless of location

  • Improved safety with fewer people on site and less travel between locations

  • Over 50% reduction in directional personnel costs

  • Enhanced knowledge transfer and timely decision making with efficient collaboration

  • Non-productive time (NPT) decreased through risk mitigation

  • Operational efficiencies increased with unbiased drilling performance analysis

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