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ROP’s directional drillers represent the top talent in today’s North American market, with extensive experience in all drilling regions throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Drilling hundreds of wells in the Kakwa, Karr and Wapiti areas they have comprehensive experience with the most popular directional tools (HydroClutch, PowerDrive Orbit Rotary Steerable System (RSS), D-Tech RSS), offerings and software (Motive, Navigator, Abbl).


ROP’s directional drillers work with your best interests in mind. They have decades of drilling and supervision experience and can provide you with unbiased recommendations specific to your company. Having impartial guidance allows you to make the right decisions to ensure a successful drilling program.


If your directional service provider changes, rest assured there will be no disruption or learning curve. ROP’s directional drillers always remain on site to achieve your goals with consistency.


Run the drilling motor and MWD system of your choosing without limitations. ROP’s directional drillers equip you with the flexibility to utilize the optimal tool combinations regardless of the service provider.

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